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Issue 2020-W06

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This week has been about Rust, a game like tetris, statistics of your codebase and WebAssembly.

Bringing WebAssembly out side the web with WASIvideo

Lin Clark walks us through the ideas behind WebAssembly and how the result of it could lead to a more secure world.

If you rather read than watch, check her article Standardizing WASI: A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web

Epoll, Kqueue and IOCP explained with Rust

A web book on different methods to use different strategies for efficient high performance I/O.

Strings in WebAssembly (Wasm)

An in-depth explanation of how Strings work in WebAssembly, specifically how Rust wasm-bindgen handles them.

Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust

This is another sneak peek into how Discord is architected through a success story using Rust.


A game like Tetris using SKI combinators instead of coloured blocks. This is a good excuse to learn how they work isn't it?


A tool that gives statistics about a codebase. It will show number of files, total lines, comments and blank lines grouped by language.

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