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Issue 2020-W14

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This week has been about cross platform GUIs, Git flows, software architecture, postgresql and search engines.

How the Creators of Git Do Branching

An article explaining the Git Workflow juxtaposed to the well known GitFlow.

Both workflows assume a product with multiple releases in play. If you have a single-release situation like a simple web application, don't even bother.

Sad state of cross platform GUI frameworks

An overview of a handful of graphical user interface frameworks. Shows the poor state of the situation and puts in context the (well deserved) criticisms Electron tends to receive lately.

10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL

An article with a healthy criticism to PostgreSQL. It ends with:

You should probably still use PostgreSQL and not something else for storing data that you’d ideally like to, you know, keep around for some time.

On Generics and Associated Types

An article about when to use generics and associated types in Rust.

The Elephant in the Architecture

An article on why technical (architectural) decisions need to be contrasted against business value.


A tool to offer a search function to a static site. A nice addition to the JAMstack toolbelt.

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