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Issue 2020-W25

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This week has been about AI, BPMN, a sed alternative, bullshit as a social practice and smart pointers in Rust.

Intuitive find & replace CLI (sed alternative)

A tool to replace sed. It offers less backslashes and more familiar regular expressions.

AI - the no bullshit approach

An article analysing the landscape of constructing computer programs and what are the shortcomings of the current hybrid approaches.

Crust of Rust: Smart Pointers and Interior Mutabilityvideo

A video on the differences of different smart pointers in Rust such as Cell, RefCell and Rc.

Math to code

An interactive tutorial to learn NumPy.

BPMN Modeler

A tool to create flow diagrams in BPMN based on bpmn-js

The tutorial from the same people is much more palatable than the OMG specification.

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