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Issue 2020-W28

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This week has been about CSS layouts, user tracking, linear thinking and a programming language for educational purposes.

The Cobra Effect: how linear thinking leads to unintended consequences

An article about the Cobra effect and some ideas on how to avoid it when making decisions.

Ladder of inference

A technique to methodically challenge your thinking in order to improve in your decision making.


A programming language designed specifically for educational purposes.

No Cookies, No Problem — Using ETags For User Tracking

An article reminding us that when we say “cookies” we mean “any means you use to track user behaviour”.

1-Line Layouts

A showcase of CSS layouts using either flexbox or grid.

Free/Libre Open Source Software Binaries of VSCode

An binary distribution of the VSCode editor without the MicroSoft telemetry and licensed as MIT instead of the MS non-FLOSS licence.

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