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Issue 2020-W31

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This week has been about JQ, alacritty, interactive system diagrams and query systems in Rust.

Conventions for Command Line Options

An article describing the classic conventions in Unix command line interfaces and some of the problems derived from deviating from them.


A terminal emulator, cross-platform and GPU accelerated. I've been following this project for quite some time but now, with the new release, v0.5, I'm adopting it as my main terminal.


A tool to draw interactive system diagrams.

Mastering JQ: Part 1

An tutorial on the basics of how jq works.

Writing a simple query system in Rust

An article explaining the rudiments of a query system pattern in Rust. A nice opportunity to see a basic application of Rust reflection capabilities.


A tool to view the hexadecimal representation of a file. Similar to hexdump but with bytes coloured by category.

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