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Issue 2020-W45

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This week has been about refactoring, ePub, images in the terminal, git and SVG.

Calibre, ePub and epubcheck: the curse of editing XHTML

An article on the horrors of building an ePub.

Signed git pushes

An article introducing signed git pushes to record a transparency log for reliable auditing.

Technical debt as a lack of understanding

An article arguing that refactoring is an exercise of reviewing your understanding of the codebase.


A tool to display images in the terminal. It is compatible with the Kitty graphics protocol but fallsback to lower half blocks for other terminals.

I found some discrepancies with the ratios in comparison with Kitty's icat but it is substantially faster.

SVG Path editor

A tool to edit SVG paths in the browser. If you ever wanted to learn how paths work, this tool gives you the right environment to do so.

Product Thinking vs. Project Thinking

An article on the differences between project and product management. I would add to this that the funding/budgeting model can transform any well-intended product mananagement in a broken product management.

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