Issue 2020-W02

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This is the first issue of the Seachess bulletin, where I share the things that caught my attention this week.


BLAKE3 is a new hashing algorithm substantially faster than BLAKE2 and SHA3. Also very interesting the way they use Merkle trees to allow incremental validation. See the bao project for an application of it.

# Local first: You own your data, in spite of the cloud

Well articulated analysis on local first software, benefits and challenges.

# Music for programming

Curated music collection intended for prolonged intense concentration periods.

# Annotate the web, with anyone, anywhere

Service built around the Open Annotation initiative which was the effort for the W3C specifications Web Annotation Data Model, Web Annotation Vocabulary and Web Annotation Protocol

# Riskiest Assumption Test. The MVP is dead, long live the RAT

A bit old (2016) article about why the "Riskiest Assumptions Test" is a better tool for managing uncertainty in a project than the popular "Minimum Viable Product".

# Iodide

Research tool from Mozilla exploring the use of WebAssembly to bring mature data analysis tools such as Pandas to the browser.