Issue 2020-W03

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This week has been about Git, Compiler explorer, Sqlite across Docker, a markdown editor and a tool to build themes for your editor.

# StackEdit

An open-source Markdown editor on the browser, as a library, extension or standalone.

# Themer

Web tool that takes a set of colors and generates themes for tools such as iTerm, Vim, VS Code, tmux and many more.

# SQL, NoSQL, and Scale: How DynamoDB scales where relational databases don't

This article explores in depth the DynamoDB tradeoffs in contrast with the relational database model and gives some insight in how to design your data when classic tools like SQL joins are not available.

# Sharing a SQLite database across containers is surprisingly brilliant

Segment shares their experience sharing SQLite database as a Docker volume leveraging SQLite's Write-Ahead Logging (WAL).

If distributed SQLite sounds appealing to you don't miss Rqlite.

# Forgit

A utility tool powered by fzf for using git interactively.

# Godbolt: Compiler explorer

Web tool that lets you inspect the generated assembly from different programming languages such as Rust, Go or C++. The list is long.

Follow the Down the Stack: Compiled Rust Part 1 article to get a gentle introduction to x86-64 assembly using Godbolt.