Issue 2020-W04

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This week has been trade-offs, a fancy dictionary, a typography, and some Rust.

# Eunoia

A searchable directory of words that don't translate to English.

# Jetbrains

A monospaced typography designed for developers, with ligatures, well differentiated symbols and more.

# React Admin

A frontend Framework for building admin applications running in the browser, on top of REST/GraphQL APIs, using ES6, React and Material Design.

# Trade-offs under pressure

This is the first part of a digested walkthrough of the paper Trade-offs under pressure: heuristics and observations of teams resolving internet service outages, Allspaw, Masters thesis, Lund University, 2015.

If the topic doesn't catch your attention, have a tour around their archives; The morning paper is a remarkable place to find interesting papers on a wide range of topics.

# When Elixir's performance becomes Rust-y

An article about how to use Rust with Elixir using rustler, a library to create Erlang NIF functions in Rust.

Worth remembering that Discord also does this mix.

# Rust at speed: building a fast, concurrent database (video)

In this talk from early 2019, Jon Gjengset explains in a very succinctly manner the idea behind Rust ownership and what is this unsafe thing in Rust all about. And of course, the database he is working on, Noria is the jewel of the talk.