Issue 2020-W09

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This week has been about yaml issues, a runtime in Rust, plugin-based systems, prolog, WebAssemby and web components.

# Web Components codelab

A tutorial showing the features available with Web Components. Ideal if you have done some web frontend development and want to get a sense of what Web Components bring to the table.

# Plugin systems - when & why?

An article reflecting on the experience of maintaining a plugin-based CLI versus a monolith CLI.

# Bastion. Highly-available Distributed Fault-tolerant Runtime

A highly-available, fault-tolerant runtime system that provides an actor model with supervision strategies. Like Erlang but in Rust.

# Securing Firefox with WebAssembly

An article briefly explaining the current methods used in Firefox to isolate execution (sandboxing) and an extensive explanation of the new approach using webassembly (wasi) compiled ahead of time.

# YAML impossible

A showcase of why you should never trust YAML, and should parse it with care and defensively.

# Write a User Permissions System in 5 lines of Prolog

An article showing the beauty of a rule-based programming language. Now that AI is in everyone's agenda, it's a great time to learn some Prolog and consider if perhaps that complex machinery you were thinking in building can be handled with a few lines of Prolog.