Issue 2020-W10

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This week has been about Rust, the sad story of time, Git flows, the Brave scam, computational notebooks and how to organise your system.

# Time Disorder

An article with a comprehensive warning against relying on timestamps for ordering. May or may not apply to your current situation but time is messy and understanding why will help prevent unpleasant events.

A pearl (of many) you will find in the article:

Jumps in time can cause problems, so services like ntpd often prefer to slow down or speed up the system clock until it gradually approaches the correct time (this is called 'slew' correction).

# Please stop recommending Git Flow!

A very much needed article around the hype of gitflow. If you use Git, you won't regret reading it.

# Can I use (Rust)

A service to search for availability and stability of Rust features. Similar idea but simpler of the famous caniuse for web features.

# The Brave browser is brilliant

An article explaining the Brave “business model”. Some of us would call this a scam, judge by yourself.

You might also like this complementary reading.

# What’s Wrong with Computational Notebooks? (pdf)

A paper describing a field study on the current computational notebook landscape to identify pain points and improvement opportunities.

# Finding your service boundaries (video)

A talk on how to organise your system (application, service, etc). Long but clearly shows how to apply DDD thinking to your system no matter the level of abstraction.