Issue 2020-W12

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This week has been about graphical command line interfaces, agile practices, a tool to manage colours, Github practices and remote work.

# Agile as trauma

An article reflecting on where Agile comes from and why some of the mantras are not always a good thing.

Same topic, different angle is Agile Fluency.

# Distributed Team vs Remote Work, Virtual Work, Telework and Work From Home

An attempt to define and contextualise terminology around teams not working in the same physical place.

# CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line

An article exploring what's next for user interfaces. Rich and interactive CLI is not new but the article has a twist worth paying attention to.

# How GitHub blocked me (and all my libraries)

A tale of the dark side of Github. Ah! now Npm joins the party of open restricted source (

# Pastel

A command-line tool to to generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors. Some interfaces are a delight to use.

# Rewriting the heart of our sync engine

An article from Dropbox explaining the problems they faced with their synchronisation engine.