Issue 2020-W13

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This week has been about Rust, manipulating JSON, Security issues with Zoom, Pandas and SQLite and databases worth looking into.

# Using Zoom? Here are the privacy issues you need to be aware of

An article warning on Zoom users on known shady practices done and offered by the company. And a timely reminder that less than a year ago Zoom had a security problem they neglected and approached with sloppiness.

If you need more convincing check these out, Zoom iOS app sends data to Facebook , Zoom needs to clean up its privacy act and More on Zoom and privacy.

# 9 offbeat databases worth a look

A list of less popular databases. I have a weakness for in-process databases like SQLite so DuckDB is my choice out of these nine:

DuckDB is an embedded database designed to execute analytical SQL queries fast while embedded in another process.

Ok, it's not in the article but if embedded databases is of your interest, check out Sled.

# Fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas and SQLite

An article explaining two strategies to manage large datasets with Pandas.

# Fast and Simple Rust Interner

A quick introduction to string interning in Rust. Most relevant if you are interested in Rust and optimal data structures.

# Secure Rust Guidelines

A book of guidelines for developing Rust applications in a secure manner.

# Rjo

A small utility to create JSON objects, written in Rust. The original tool is Jo, written in C.