Issue 2020-W14

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This week has been about cross platform GUIs, Git flows, software architecture, postgresql and search engines.

# How the Creators of Git Do Branching

An article explaining the Git Workflow juxtaposed to the well known GitFlow.

Both workflows assume a product with multiple releases in play. If you have a single-release situation like a simple web application, don't even bother.

# Sad state of cross platform GUI frameworks

An overview of a handful of graphical user interface frameworks. Shows the poor state of the situation and puts in context the (well deserved) criticisms Electron tends to receive lately.

# 10 Things I Hate About PostgreSQL

An article with a healthy criticism to PostgreSQL. It ends with:

You should probably still use PostgreSQL and not something else for storing data that you’d ideally like to, you know, keep around for some time.

# On Generics and Associated Types

An article about when to use generics and associated types in Rust.

# The Elephant in the Architecture

An article on why technical (architectural) decisions need to be contrasted against business value.

# Stork

A tool to offer a search function to a static site. A nice addition to the JAMstack toolbelt.