Issue 2020-W15

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This week has been about PostGIS, Rust error handling, Git flows, Elm issues, Google Analytics and illustrations.

# My unorthodox, branchless git workflow

An article on working with Git without branches. An interesting contrast to last week's How the Creators of Git Do Branching.

# Why you should stop using Google Analytics on your website

An article to help you consider alternatives to Google Analytics.

Although the article has good content, keep in mind Plausible is a competitor of Google Analytics. That said, Plausible have their code open so it's a plus in transparency.

# Black illustrations

A set of illustrations for free (or anything you think is the right price). In their words:

There just isn't a lot of diversity in design. People of color are often underrepresented in illustrations, lacking in the design process and often go unseen in visuals across the internet.

# Why I'm leaving Elm

An article with lots of reasons why you might not want to invest in Elm. This in particular is what made me stop considering Elm as a worthwhile option around the time 0.19 was released:

They do not say “Why don’t you just”, they say “You must just” — despite not knowing anything about the rest of the project-specific constraints that you are taking into account and couldn’t explain — and then they build that opinion into the compiler itself.

Even if you don't care about Elm, it's a good article to reflect on open source and governance.

# From failure to Fehler

An article on error handling in Rust by the author of failure and fehler.

From the same author, worth a read A brief apology of Ok-Wrapping.

# Why you (probably) don't need PostGIS

An article with a handful of ways you can avoid using PostGIS by taking advantage of Postgres features and lightweight extensions.

It links to SpatiaLite, a spatial extension for SQLite.