Issue 2020-W16

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This week has been about endianness, Git, agile practices, observability and illustrations.

# The Fallacy of Move Fast and Break Things

An article challenging the belief that increased velocity is a good thing in itself.

The problem is moving fast doesn't work across industries or for all teams. To effectively move fast, you need processes in place to support the velocity. The consequences of moving too fast and not being able to fix things when they break are high.

How to Make Things High-Quality is article somewhat related you might enjoy.

It’s a mistake to conflate success with shipping a large quantity of features.

# How to have impact

An article that proposes an alternative approach to how to evaluate your work other than good intentions that may or may not end up in the intended impact.

While reading it I couldn't shake out of my head the Wardley Maps book.

# Byte Ordered Streams

An article with a nicely condensed description of endianness and how to deal with byte streams in Rust.

# The Communicative Value of Using Git Well

An article with a few considerations about how to improve the narrative of Git history.

If this topic resonates with you, Literate Git might catch your eye.

# Yuval Robicheck illustrations

A set of brilliant illustrations from Yuval Robicheck.

# Observability β€” A 3-Year Retrospective

An article reflecting on the evolution of the techniques around understanding how a system performs.