Issue 2020-W17

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This week has been about architecture strategy, mindmap tools, Rust and WebAssembly.

# Webassembly studio

An online tool to explore and learn Webassembly. Allows projects in C, Rust, Typescript and more.

# Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases

An article touching upon seventeen topics worth paying more attention to whilst working with databases.

# Building a Rust Web Browser

A series of articles on how the author is progressing in his mini webbrowser project.

# Delivering on an architecture strategy

An article highlighting fundamental practices in a multi-discipline product team and where a technical and an architectural strategy play their part.

There is a bit I dislike though, the categorisation of people as either "doers" or "dreamers". It is oversimplistic and gives a blank check to certain type of people that think they are doing their part by just dreaming unrealistic half-baked ideas.

# Markmap

A tool to plot mindmaps out of Markdown.

An interactive cheatsheet tool for the command-line and application launchers.