Issue 2020-W20

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This week has been about time-series compression algorithms, Git over gRPC, Python and Rust and securing Firefox.

# Time-series compression algorithms, explained

An article that walks through a set of techniques to store more in less space.

# PyOxidizer

A tool for packaging and distributing Python applications.

Produces self-contained binaries like PyInstaller.

# Git clone over gRPC

An article about how to run Git over gRPC instead of HTTP or SSH by building a custom git remote helper.


A tool for managing keys for encryption and signing.

Similar to Keybase tech stack (from a former Keybase employee) but open source.

# Why software architects fail – and what to do about it (video)

A talk that brilliantly identifies the archetypes of developers / architects.

# Fuzzing Firefox with WebIDL

An article introducing the main concepts of fuzz testing and how the Firefox team uses it to identify bugs.