Issue 2020-W21

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This week has been about database schemas, WebAssembly, error handling in Rust, database versioning and floating point errors.

# Writing WebAssembly in Rust and runing it in Deno!

A tutorial to begin with Deno and Webassembly.

Deno is starting to get some traction in the Javascript space and With Webassembly it's an attractive combination.

If you haven't read about Deno before, try this Deno overview.

If you have, and you are into Typescript, check the rationale behind Deno's TypeScript compiler in Rust.

# Taming Floating Point Error

An article explaining the Fundamental Axiom of Floating Point Arithmetic and the effects in floating point computations.

# DoltHub

A service to host dolt repositories.

Dolt is a relational database manager with version control backed in. It's still in an early stage (v0.17.0) but already looking promising.

# Structuring and handling errors in 2020

An article that explains the rationale of approaching error handling differently for libraries than for applications in Rust. It showcases both approaches using anyhow and thiserror.

Beware of the performance hit of using anyhow though. The comment at the end explains the trade-off well.

# Text for proofing fonts

An article discussing the actual usefulness of pangrams for font design and an alternative aiming to be more adequate for language-based singularities.

# The Ten Rules of Schema Growth

An article on database schema evolution and how to think about them in a non-destructive way.