Issue 2020-W23

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This week has been about perceptual hash algorithms, a mathematical notation, Zsh, maze algorithms and the SQLite anniversary.

# Moving to zsh

A tutorial to get started with ZSH.

# Maze Algorithms

A showcase of maze algorithms.

# SQLite turns 20

The timeline for SQLite, only showing the birth day (2020-05-29).

Besides celebrating 20 years of existence of one of the most used databases, this link shows an interesting feature of Fossil the version control system used by SQLite, from the same authors, using SQLite as a storage system.

# Looks Like It

An article explaining the mechanics of a perceptual hash algorithm and how it helps in finding similar images.

# Hello Serverless

A series on how to approach serverless systems with AWS.

# Penrose: from mathematical notation to beautiful diagrams

A paper introducing Penrose, a mathematical notation that translates to one or more visual representations.