Issue 2020-W26

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This week has been about Rust and CSV, JWT mistakes, Graph and tree traversals, Nix and Python, a language made for WebAssembly and parallelism in SQLite.

# Parallel read and write in SQLite

An article on how locks, journals and Work-Ahead Logs work in SQLite.

# Development with Nix: Python

A short tutorial on using Nix to harness Python dependency management.

# A language made for WebAssembly

A programming language that takes a subset of TypeScript and targets WebAssembly.

# Hardcoded secrets, unverified tokens, and other common JWT mistakes

An article analysing the security weaknesses of 2000 npm modules in their use of JWT (RFC 7519).

Make sure to check Semgrep a command-line tool for offline static analysis.

# Rust and CSV parsing

An article on how to use and optimise reding and writing CSV. If you think CSV is simple, this article is for you.

If you are into CSV, check BaDSV for a treat.

# Graph & Tree Traversals in Rust

A tutorial on how to implement a tree data structure in Rust such that it can be iterated and mutated. It's one of the nicest introductions to arena allocators I've seen so far.