Issue 2020-W27

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This week has been about JIT compilers, domain models, a pixel editor, pagination in SQL and ARM vs x86.

# rx: Modern and minimalist pixel editor

A pixel editor with a modal interface that allows you to create still and animated pixel art.

# xi-editor retrospective

An article reflecting back on the 4 years the XI editor has been in development, from early ambitions to roadblockers and assumptions that turned out to be not quite right.

# We need tool support for keyset pagination

A classic article on the implications of paginating SQL using offset and the benefits of the alternative approach.

I was revisiting this article to try to optimise a query on a large SQLite table (191 million records) but sadly SQLite does not implement FETCH.

# Decomposing domain models based on lifecycles

An article analysing the anemic domain model and how to recover from it using the lifecycle of the data involved.

# A crash course in just-in-time (JIT) compilers

An article on interpreters, compilers and how just-in-time compilers work.

# Examining ARM vs X86 Memory Models with Rust

An article exploring how ARM and x86 work.