Issue 2020-W29

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This week has been about predictive database queries, sqlite for Git, eventual consistency, datalog and property testing.

# Finding Property Tests

An article explaining what property tests are and what are they good for.

From the same author, Property Testing with Complex Inputs explores further the potential of property testing around generating test data.

# gitqlite

A tool to query Git repositories with SQL. Another expression of SQLite's virtual tables.

# Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning

An article on how Firefox is trying to improve the performance of their continuous integration by using machine learning to select the relevant subset of tests to run for a given change.

# Turning the IDE Inside Out with Datalog

An article exploring the potential benefits of using a Datalog to build an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

# Eventual Consistency isn’t for Streaming

An article exploring the shortcomings of eventual consistency applied to streaming systems.

# Could predictive database queries replace machine learning models?

An article on how predictive queries give a different approach than other predictive methods. Let me pique your curiosity with a quote:

Predictive queries resemble normal database queries with the exception that they provide predictions about the unknown, while the traditional database queries provide facts about the known