Issue 2020-W31

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This week has been about JQ, alacritty, interactive system diagrams and query systems in Rust.

# Conventions for Command Line Options

An article describing the classic conventions in Unix command line interfaces and some of the problems derived from deviating from them.

# Alacritty

A terminal emulator, cross-platform and GPU accelerated. I've been following this project for quite some time but now, with the new release, v0.5, I'm adopting it as my main terminal.

# Loopy

A tool to draw interactive system diagrams.

# Mastering JQ: Part 1

An tutorial on the basics of how jq works.

# Writing a simple query system in Rust

An article explaining the rudiments of a query system pattern in Rust. A nice opportunity to see a basic application of Rust reflection capabilities.

# Hexyl

A tool to view the hexadecimal representation of a file. Similar to hexdump but with bytes coloured by category.