Issue 2020-W32

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This week has been about nix, data validation, CRDTs, the pre-mortem technique, NLP beyond English and responsive compilers.

# Why You Should Do NLP Beyond English

An article highlighting the shortcomings in the current approach to natural language processing and the risks that they carry.

# Responsive compilers (video)

A talk introducing Salsa and how Rust is trying to build an incremental compiler that works well with IDEs.

# An introduction to Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types

A series introducing the foundations of Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) and how they reconcile data across a distributed system.

# Pandera

A library to validate data structures in Pandas.

# An introduction to nix-shell

An article explaining the basics of nix-shell as a reproducible development environment.

If the article leaves you with appetite for more, nix.env should be your next stop.

# Pre-mortem: how to anticipate failure with prospective hindsight

An article explaining the pre-mortem technique and how it helps manage the optimism bias our team might have at the beginning of a project.