Issue 2020-W33

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This week has been about a Git reimplementation, Git for data, the struggles of Mozilla, a dictionary, geospatial information in SQLite and futures with slime.

# Git for Data: Not a Silver Bullet

An article reflecting on The Rise of DataOps and describing a more classic append-only log approach to deal with how data changes over time and keep enough reproducibility guarantees.

# Mozilla: The Greatest Tech Company Left Behind

An article reflecting on the impact of the recent layoffs in Mozilla.

You might also be interested in Web browsers need to stop, a short rant on the state of web browsers in 2020.

Finally, Open Standards are simple is a somewhat related article making a few interesting points on the effects of complexity in openness.

# gitoxide

A reimplementation of Git written in Rust. It is still not feature complete but the foundations are already there.

# One look

A dictionary search with partial word search.

# Beyond Smart Rocks

An article touching on possible replacements for our current computers and in particular on the potential of slime.

# GeoPackage

A format to structure geospatial information in SQLite.

A couple of weeks back I played with the UK geospatial information which crystallised in Addresspack which is a tool to transform the odd format Ordnance Survey provides to a ready to use SQLite database.

The good news is that now they are improving and starting to offer data in GeoPackage which, besides using SQLite, defines a particular way to lay the geospatial data.