Issue 2020-W34

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This week I got back into the Nu shell, kept digging into CRDTs, got closure with Mozilla's XUL story and considered the perils of AR for our personal privacy.

# Are CRDTs suitable for shared editing?

An article explaining the optimisations you can apply to CRDT structures to keep their resource consumption in check.

# Nu shell

A shell that focuses on structured data manipulation instead of raw streams. A snippet to give you a taste:

nu> ls | sort-by size
 #  β”‚ name                               β”‚ type β”‚ size   β”‚ modified
  0 β”‚ ./seachess/bulletins/2020-W34.toml β”‚ File β”‚  764 B β”‚ 4 mins ago
  1 β”‚ ./seachess/bulletins/2020-W22.toml β”‚ File β”‚ 1.5 KB β”‚ 3 days ago

# Digital Sight Management, and the Mystery of the Missing Amazon Receipts

An article about the future of wearable AR and the impact on corporations that base their strength in amassing data.

# danfo.js

A library in JavaScript for high-performance for manipulating structured data akin to Pandas in Python.

# Why Did Mozilla Remove XUL Add-ons?

An article about the history of the Firefox extension model. If you where into XUL back in the day, it might give you some closure.


A standard for mail. An attempt to be a replacement for IMAP based on HTTPS and JSON although not restricted to either.

It has been published as two internet standards: RFC8620 and RFC8621