Issue 2020-W35

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This week some news in the WebAssembly space, a bit of software architecture, digging out the metacrap, productive porn and abusing gzip for fun.

# Motoko, a programming language for building directly on the internet

An article about the Internet Computer project and how Motoko was designed to support it using WebAssembly.

# Lunatic: Actor based WebAssembly runtime for the backend

An article presenting a runtime written in Rust that works in an actor-based model similar to Erlang with the difference of each actor being a WebAssembly instance with its own dedicated permissions.

# Architecture Playbook

A book on the different aspects of technical architecture (business, data, software, etc).

# Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia

A classic on the topic of metadata and its usefulness.

# Productivity porn

An article highlighting a couple of signs that are more about procrastination than productivity.

You might also enjoy Planning fallacy from the same author.

# How to turn an ordinary gzip archive into a database

An article about how to use the gzip concatenation feature to achieve random access.