Issue 2020-W37

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This week has been a mix of distributed systems, a database catalogue, graph visualisations, a game of bots, filesystems and WebAssembly systems.

# Halite

A game where participants have to write a bot in order to play.

I found it via Halite III Bot Development Kit in Rust

# Database of databases

A catalogue of databases classified by licence, programming language and more.

# Non-POSIX file systems

An article about file systems and their history.

# G6 Graph Visualization Engine

A library in TypeScript to manage graph visualisations and analysis.

# waSCC

A dynamic, elastically scalable WebAssembly host runtime for securely connecting actors and capability providers.

# How do you reason about a probabilistic distributed system?

An article about the implications of designing distributed systems for probabilistic consensus protocols.

Even if distributed systems is not your thing, PRISM the probabilistic model checker is worth a look.