Issue 2020-W39

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This week has been about anonymisation, state space models, sequence diagrams, cookie trackers and some bits on parsers.

# The High Privacy Cost of a β€œFree” Website

An article on the risks of using services that cost no money. Cookies, fingerprinting, session recording and other horror stories.

# Sequence diagram

A service to draw UML sequence diagrams.

# How randomized response can help collect sensitive information responsibly

An interactive article explaining a technique to reduce the risks of accidental deanonymisation.

# A Primer on State Space Models

An article introducing a series on state space models (SSM). Hidden Markov Chains, Hidden Semi-Markov Chains and other beasts tamed with a few lines of Julia.

# Which Parsing Approach?

An article explaining different parsing strategies and their trade-offs.

If you enjoyed it, β€œChallenging LR Parsing” is a great response in the context of parsers that need tolerance to errors such as syntax highlighters and IDEs.

# SQLite File Parser Pt. 1: The Header

A tutorial walking through a Rust implementation of a SQLite file format parser.