Issue 2020-W40

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This week has been about testing data pipelines, compression algorithms, notebooks, QR codes and tabular data.

# Vimium for MacOS

An application to move around MacOS with the keyboard a-la Vim.

# QArt Codes

An article on how QR codes work and how to exploit its tolerance to errors to embed images in them.

# Great Expectations

A tool to harness testing for data pipelines.

# The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Compression

A guide on compression algorithms. The interactive section, once complete, will be an excellent place to get an intuition on how each algorithm work.

# Jupytext

A tool to save Jupyter notebooks as extended Markdown or marked Python, R, Julia scripts.

Deepnote might interest you if you are after a collaborative notebook experience.

# dbcrossbar

A tool to copy tabular data between databases, CSV files and cloud storage.