Issue 2020-W41

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This week has been about melody generators, visualisation primitives, Rust and Electron, ASTs and CRDTs.

I also published Dive into CSV on the Web as part of my research on how to publish CSV with enough contextual information.

# Supercharge your Electron apps with Rust

A tutorial on using Rust to build a library callable from Electron.

# CRDTs: The Hard Parts (video)

A talk on CRDTs and the challenges currently unsolved to make them usable outside research.

# PDF: Still Unfit for Human Consumption, 20 Years Later

An article with the results of the research on the usability of PDF files for online reading.

Unsurprisingly, the gist of it is:

Do not use PDFs to present digital content that could and should otherwise be a web page.

# Pure AST based linting sucks

An article on the issues of implementing a linter using abstract syntax trees (ASTs).

# Lets Go

An algorithmic step sequencer and melody generator based on a live game of Go.

# visx

A collection of visualization primitives for React.