Issue 2020-W42

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This week has been about teaching how to program, tutorials for researchers, flow diagrams, spreadsheet horrorshow and some python with nix.

# Wireflow

A tool to create flow diagrams to represent websites and applications.

# Learnable Programming

An essay on how to approach teaching how to program through criticising an online service as it was back in 2012.

# Data Organization in Spreadsheets

An article with the view that spreadsheets should be only considered for data entry and storage and avoided other matters such as analysis. It offers as well uncontroversial advice on how to organise and tidy your tabular data.

You might also be interested in the horror stories from the European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group.

# Polar Adventure: A text-based adventure game written in Polar

An article on using Polar, an embedded logic programming language, for making a game. Polar looks like a very interesting project to extend your program with logic rules to encode complex policy rules in a terse way.

# The Programming Historian

A collection of tutorials to help learn digital tools, techniques and workflows to facilitate research and teaching.

# Developing Python with Poetry & Poetry2nix: Reproducible flexible Python environments

An article on how to set up a reliable Python environment with Poetry and Nix.