Issue 2020-W44

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This week has been about Fourier transforms, binary file patterns, TerminusDB, and the history of PDF.

# Visualizing binaries with space-filling curves

An article on a technique to visualise binary file patterns.

# An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms

A tutorial on Fourier transforms with examples on how are they applied to waves, epicycles and JPEGs.

# TerminusDB TodoMVC

A tutorial on how to use TerminusDB using the JavaScript SDK. With the trend of knowledge base, RDF triplestores have an opportunity to click with a wider audience.

# Virtual DDD

A collection of curated content on Domain Driven Development.

# Why the PDF Is Secretly the World's Most Important File Format

An article telling the story of PDF, its ambition and how it turned out to be.

# Machine Learning Attack Series: Image Scaling Attacks

An article explaining an attack to tamper with a Machine Learning model.