Issue 2020-W47

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This week has been about notebooks in Julia, vim plugins, open street map, datasette and git.

# Why Git blame sucks for understanding WTF code (and what to use instead)

An article showing how to use git log -S to dig into a repository history given a known string. Besides the -G flag for regexes it is worth knowing the -L flag.

# Pluto.jl

A notebook system written in Julia from the ground up. Notebooks are stored as pure Julia code.

# The Downfall of Command and Control Data Leadership

An article reflecting on the dangers of the narrative of solving the problems of an organisation by 'solving the data mess'. Half rant, half list of insights from experience.

# Undotree

A plugin to navigate through the hierarchical tree of changes kept by Vim.

# OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment

An article on how Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are relying on OpenStreetMap as a critical piece of infrastructure.

# Personal Data Warehouses: Reclaiming Your Data (video)

A talk from the Datasette author on how he uses it to manage his own personal data. A very good example of how to exploit SQLite.