Issue 2020-W48

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This week has been about SQLite virtual columns, MonetDB, image diffs, URLs and the Internet of Bodies.

# A practical guide to URI encoding and URI decoding

A digested explanation of the RFC3986.

A more forward-looking specification like the WhatWG URL might be what you need though.

# rust-script

A tool to run Rust files and expressions as scripts without any setup or compilation step.

# SQLite as a document database

An article showcasing how to use JSON blobs with virtual columns in SQLite.

# Turning the Body Into a Wire

An article introducing the idea of IoB (Internet of Bodies) as a closed network to increase the security of wearable devices including health devices such as pacemakers.

# MonetDBe-Python

A Python package to work with an embedded version of the columnar database MonetDB.


A tool to genereate pixel-by-pixel image differentials.