Issue 2020-W49

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This week has been about online anonymity, self-hosted archives, differential datalog, a game on politic misinformation and a collection of analogies to explain technical terms.

# Sideways Dictionary

A collection of analogies to explain technical terms.

# Intro to DDlog

An article introducing the basics of Differential Datalog and a hint of Differential Dataflow as its building block.

# Archivebox

A self-hosted service to archive websites of your interest.

# Breaking Harmony Square: A game that “inoculates” against political misinformation

An article introducing the background and findings on a research game applying ideas from the inoculation theory to improve the player's resistance to politic misinformation.

# The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity

A thorough guide to how to set yourself up for online anonymity. Not for the faint of heart.

# notecalc3

A notepad with a smart calculator built in.