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Issue 2021-W17

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This week has been about CSS custom properties, structuring technical documentation, API security, an embedded document database, data analysis with SQL and a datalog to SQL compiler.


A tool to run security tests on REST APIs.


A framework aiming to aid with the problem of structuring technical documentation.

Practical SQL for Data Analysis

A tutorial on how to use SQL instead of Pandas for efficient data analysis in Python. Although it focuses on PostgreSQL it is, with a few exceptions like linear regressions, straightforward to translate to other engines.

A Complete Guide to Custom Properties

A tutorial aiming to cover all there is about CSS custom properties. Also food for thought on what is the line where it is excessive, unmaintainable and cluttered of incomprehensible global-ish variables.


A lightweight embedded document database implementing a subset of the MongoDB interface.


A declarative logic programming language for data manipulation. It's a datalog to SQL compiler mainly targeted to Google BigQuery but with experimental support for PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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