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Issue 2021-W21

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This week has been about Node.js on the browser, an immutable database, hiding SPARQL behind GraphQL, anothe python package manager and a cli game.

Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser

An article introducing a solution to run fully operational Node.js environments in a browser using WebAssembly.


A Python package manager similar to npm claiming to be better than Pipienv and Poetry.


A command-line interface based game where your filesystem is the dungeon. Like using cd but with enemies you need to deal with.


A tool to hide a SPARQL endpoint behind GraphQL API.

Einstellung Effect: What You Already Know Can Hurt You

An article on the phenomenon where preexisting knowledge prevents us from finding an optimal solution.


An immutable database with built-in cryptographic proof and verification that can be used either as a key-value store or as a relational SQL-based database.

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