Issue 2021-W05

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This week has been about asdf, text-based games, Turing incomplete languages, Disqus bad practices and software licensing.

# 50 Years of Text Games

An article introducing an ongoing series on the history of text-based games.

# asdf

A tool to manage multiple runtime versions for Node.js, Python, Ruby, Elixir and more.

If you happen to use MacOS and Python, this helps avoid the mess you can get into by using Python installed with Homebrew.

# Turing Incomplete Languages

An article on the downsides of Turing incomplete languages.

# Interview with Heather Meeker: Founding Partner, OSS Capital

An interview on software licensing. An interesting opinion to listen to if you've been following the drama Elastic vs Amazon.

# Disqus, the dark commenting system

An article analysing Disqus and the consequences of trusting the service.

# The Skeptics guide to Artificial Intelligence

An article aiming to bring some perspective on the meaning of intelligence in ā€œArtificial Intelligenceā€.