Issue 2021-W08

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This week has been about Deno, SQLite in Rust, GraphQL, JSON alternatives, NFTs and a comment system.

# The Internals of Deno

A book on how Deno works.

# What would SQLite look like if written in Rust?

A series aiming to unserstand how SQLite works by writting a clone in Rust.

# Beyond REST: Rapid Development with GraphQL Microservices

An article showcasing how Netflix uses GraphQL for prototyping services with a enterpise data architecture lens.

The narrative of having a single graph for the whole enterprise is far from new, but it might be more successful than the RDF, SPARQL, Linked Data fragments pile of complexity. Or, a step towards the promised land of flexibility that Linked Data has been aiming to provide since forever.

The Principled GraphQL is a good complementary read.

# KYLI – because it is superior to JSON

An article exploring an alternative format to JSON using control characters instead of braces and commas. A fun read!

# utterances

A widget built on top of Github issues to add a comment system in your website.

# What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)?

An article explaining what are NFTs, fungibe digital assets and more. Spoiler: blockchain rabbithole.