Issue 2021-W09

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This week has been about cuboids in CSS, machine learning version control, server-sent and web spatial mapping.

# CSS in 3D: Learning to think in Cubes Instead of Boxes

A tutorial on how to use cuboids to approach 3D CSS.


A Python layer on top of Git to version control for machine learning projects.

# CalcuLaTeX

A calculator using to LaTeX expressions.

# Server-sent events: a simple way to stream events from a server.

An article introducing server-sent events.

# Hyperisland Toolbox

A resource kit to apply creative collaboration in your team or organization.

# Useful Tools For Web Mapping

An article recommending tools to get started with web spatial mapping (collect, manipulate, analyse, store, access and visualise).

The recommended sources are limited to their own offering for the UK but the rest of sections are worthwile regardless of where you are located.

If you are intersted in the UK geodata infrastructure you might find Address Matters insightful.