Issue 2021-W11

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This week has been about low-code in Node.js, Julia and Bayesian statistics, generative art with SVG and Prolog.

# Amplication

A development tool to develop low-code Node.js applications. The generated server exposes a GraphQL API and the generated client uses React with Apollo.

The tool is in alpha but looking promising already.

# Data Science in Julia for Hackers

A book with a gentle introduction to how to use Julia on Bayesian statistics, forecasting, machine learning, etc.

# Using Google Sheets as a simple database with Papa Parse

A quick tutorial on using Google Sheets as a CSV data source. This tutorial uses JavaScript and Vue but it's easily translatable to any other technical stack.

# A Generative SVG Starter Kit

A tutorial on generative art using SVG.js. A great step by step to get started on computer-based generative art.

# Why I Don't Like Tailwind CSS

An article with an in-depth analysis on why Tailwind CSS is not delivering what promises and actually makes it worse.

# Prolog Under the Hood

An article describing how Prolog works so you gain the right intuitions. Hint: It's not about logic programming but unification and backtracking.