Issue 2021-W12

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This week has been about Parquet, React grids, Datalog and calculations for latitude/longitude points.

# SQLite is not a toy database

An article showcasing the top features SQLite has to offer to support everyday data wrangling. Even more useful now with the Math functions included in version 3.35.0.

# Compressing data with Parquet

An article explaining the benefits of using Parquet instead of SQLite to distribute large datasets with a high columnar repetition. A short demonstration of why columnar formats are a better choice for certain types of datasets.

# Glide Data Grid

A React library to render an editable table using Canvas. Although it claims to scale to millions of rows, it says nothing about the price you pay in lack of accessibility.

# Getting Drunk with Datalog

A tutorial on getting started with Datalog.

# Sq

A tool to inspect, query, join, import, and export data. Like jq but for relational data, whether that data is in a document or database.

# Calculate distance, bearing and more between Latitude/Longitude points

A tutorial presenting a variety of calculations for latitude/longitude points with formulas and JavaScript code examples included.