Issue 2021-W15

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This week has been about UI components, PostgreSQL as a graph, notebooks in Elixir, blocking Google tracking and a tool for managing your work.

# Use the DuckDuckGo Extension to Block FLoC, Google’s New Tracking Method in Chrome

A Chrome extension to block Google from exploiting you. Or stop using Chrome.

# Focalboard

A tool to manage work across individuals and teams. An open source, self-hosted or desktop alternative to Notion, Asana and Trello.

# Apache AGE

A PostgreSQL extension that adds graph database functionality. It supports among other things the openCypher query language

A collection of interface components from real-world design systems.

# Livebook

A web application for writing interactive code notebooks in Elixir. It allows for multiple users working at the same time, sequential evaluation for higher reproducibility and notebooks are persisted in livemd, yet another flavour of Markdown.

# A Bestiary of Single-File Implementations of Programming Languages

A collection of tiny programming languages great for learning how to implement one.