Issue 2021-W16

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This week has been about an API collection, M1 floating point calculations, interactive Git, more on FLoC, complexity in distributed systems and an event processing system.

# OpenAPI Directory

A machine-readable collection of REST APIs with convergence into OpenAPI 3.0.

# git-fuzzy

A tool to work with Git interactively leveraging fzf.

# Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC

An article on the subtleties of opt-out approach on Google's tracking system.

Here’s how not to opt-in to Google’s FLoC:

  • Don't load untrusted third-party content that might get classified as an ad (only applies during the origin trial)
  • Don't call document.interestCohort(), and don’t load third-party scripts that might call it either.

# Can you trust floating-point arithmetic on Apple Silicon?

An article looking into three well-known calculations from the Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic using Swift on an Apple M1 and comparing with the previous Intel-based results.

# Disasters I've seen in a microservices world

An article reflecting on fundamental problems derived from ignoring the inherent complexity of distributed systems.

# Tremor

An event processing system for unstructured data. A Rust based replacement for Logstash and Telegraf.