Issue 2021-W18

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This week has been about a programming language for the Law, a collection of colour palettes, a terminal workspace, static web with SQLite and a collection of hand-drawn illustrations.

# Zellij

A terminal workspace with a layout system (a-la tmux) and a plugin system based on WebAssembly.


A collection of colour palettes inspired from nature.

# Skribbl

A collection of free hand-drawn illustrations.

# SpiderMonkey

The JavaScript and WebAssembly engine used in Firefox. It can be embedded into C++ and Rust projects, and it can be run as a stand-alone shell.

# Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages

An article on using a WebAssembly SQLite instance with sql.js-httpvfs to fetch and manipulate data in a 'static' (or rather, backend-less) web.

# Catala

A paper introducing Catala, a Programming Language for the Law specifically designed to allow a straightforward and systematic translation of statutory law into an executable implementation. Catala aims to bring together lawyers and programmers through a shared medium, which together they can understand, edit and evolve.