Issue 2021-W19

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This week has been about bash scripts in JavaScript, a browser-based IDE, patterns for Web Components, a book on networks, visually programming machine learning and Zulip.

# zx

A tool to write bash scripts in JavaScript.

# Orchest

A browser-based IDE based on pipelines, isolated execution steps and notebooks.

# Zulip

A chat service with threads, topics, custom emojis with the possibility to run your own server.

Chat applications are popular and surprisingly difficult to get right. I currently use Slack, Keybase, Discord, Telegram, Signal and have been testing Rocket, Matrix and what not.

And not a single one of them ticks all the boxes.

# Kobra

A visual programming language for machine learning.

# Catalyst

A set of patterns and techniques to work with Web Components. It won't solve inherent problems of design like not being able to de-register a custom element but definitely a good read if you plan to lean on Web Components for your web app or rich page.

# High Performance Browser Networking

A book on types of networks (WiFi, 3G/4G), transport protocols (UDP, TCP, TLS), application protocols (HTTP) and Web APIs (XHR, WebSocket, WebRTC).