Issue 2021-W20

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This week has been about custom URL scheme security risk, a Python library for data analysis, monitoring and sensitive data detection, Electron security risks, Dataflow local notebooks, Flat Data and Wardley Maps.

# Online Wardley Maps

A service to draw Wardley Maps using a text-based format a-la Graphviz.

# Reasonably Secure Electron

An article on the security risks for Electron applications and how to mitigate them.

# Exploiting custom protocol handlers for cross-browser tracking in Tor, Safari, Chrome and Firefox

An article on a vector of attack for desktop browsers using custom URL schemes to fingerprint and profile a user based on what they have installed in their computer.

# Introducing Dataflow, a self-hosted Observable Notebook Editor

An article on Dataflow, a local notebook tool compatible with Observable.

# Data Profiler

A Python library designed to make data analysis, monitoring and sensitive data detection easy. The library identifies the schema, statistics, entities and more.

# Flat Data

A research project to explore the git scrapping pattern for bringing working datasets into GitHub repositories and versioning them.