Issue 2021-W23

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This week has been about FLoC privacy, matrix-based graphs, APL, Photopea and Lean.

# The Natural Number Game

An interactive book showing how to use Lean to proof by induction natural numbers.

# GUIDs Are Not The Only Answer

An article exploring some downsides of global unique identifierse and potential alternatives.

# Privacy Analysis of FLoC

A summary of the analysis of FLoC privacy conducted by Mozilla.

In short, FLoC is a bad idea. Does not protect from fingerprinting, general user tracking and countermeasures are insufficient. And although the analysis doesn't cover it, it's also a monopolistic move.

# Graphs

A short introduction to graphs using a matrix-based approach.

# Try APL

An interactive tutorial to learn APL.

If you've had previous exposure to R you might find it oddly familiar. APL influenced S after all.

# Photopea

A web tool to edit PSD, Sketch, Gimp and more. Poses as an alternative to Photoshop.